Podcast Keeper

Podcast Keeper is a new podcasting platform designed with advertising in mind. Unlike other sites, we provide advertisers whether you have 10 listeners or 10,000 to help you get paid as you grow. Upload your episodes, insert ad breaks, and we do the rest.
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What We Do

Advertising Revenue*

Stop paying for hosting. We'll do the legwork for you and negotiate with advertisers. We automatically target advertisements so you make money on every listen.

*Revenue will be available after the beta period.

Fast Hosting

Podcast Keeper was built with speed in mind. We’ve streamlined the process for both you and your listeners. No one wants to wait for a podcast to download, we won’t make them.

World Class Analytics

Improve engagement with Google Analytics. Instantly assess which episodes were successful and which past episodes are listened to again and again.

Powerful Audio Tools

Change the intro to all your episodes or insert a blurb about your upcoming book with the click of a button. We'll automatically insert it so every episode stays up to date.

How It Works

  1. Upload your podcasts.
  2. Customize where your ad breaks play.
  3. We insert audio into those breaks, either your own promotions or our advertisments that make you money.
  4. We automatically keep the ads current so you continue to draw revenue from old episodes.
  5. Learn more on our wiki.