Podcast Keeper


Simple upload page to get your podcast uploading and verify that it is correct. You can do this by either hitting the button to browse or clicking and dragging your media file into the upload box. We accept almost any kind of audio/video file. The video will be stripped and audio will be recompressed. You do not need to wait at this page for the upload to finish. Click next and start filling out info while it finishes in the background.


The info tab contains all the show notes for each episode.

Info Tab Screenshot


Name your episode.


  • Title shouldn’t contain special characters at the beginning or end

Example: LA’s Finest Taco Truck


The subtitle is a short description of the episode, this can be a shortened version of your description. There is a limit of 255 characters.

Example: We meet up with Tim the Taco Man to discuss how he went from working at one of LA’s premier restaurants to starting his own food truck.


A long form description of your episode, this is commonly referred to as show notes. There is a limit of 4,000 characters and does not support html tags.

Example: Chef Tim tells us about his time working at one of the premier restaurants in LA to starting his own food truck. The story about his divorce and soul searching that followed. This five star chef turned homeless surfer turned food truck chef will tug at your heartstrings as we dig into the life of Tim.

A URL to the blog post or webpage specifically for this episode. If there isn’t one associated just leave it blank.

Example: https://JoesFoodTruckAdventures.com/ep03-timstacos


Help your listeners find this episode. Comma separated list of short keywords that they can search for.

Example: Chef Tim, Tacos, Divorce, Surfer, LA


The build tab is the heart of Podcast Keeper. This is where you can rearrange all the audio clips that comprise an episode. The changes you make here will happen instantly. Here you choose where to insert audio clips. If there are no clips selected, the episode will continue as if no cut was made.

Some common audio clips inserted by our users are intros/title sequences. This makes it easy to update them across your entire series. Another audio clip that makes it easy to insert ads after recording is pre/post ad audio. Something like “and now a word from our sponsors” and “welcome back”.

The Pre and Post cuts are always there and have no effect on your episode until clips are inserted into them. The Pre cut inserts audio clips before your episode begins, this could be a title sequence or a few advertisements. The Post cut inserts audio clips after your episode ends. These post cuts usually contain credits sequences.

Build Tab Screenshot

Insert Break at 00:00

This textbox allows you to input a specific time for an ad break. When you hit "submit" a break will be inserted at that time.

Time formats in the HH:MM:SS.ms format

  • Where H = hours, M = minutes, S = seconds, ms = milliseconds
  • Example: 50.2, 2:20:58, 2:25.32
  • Note: Inserted breaks must be at least 10 minutes apart.

Insert Break at Current Time

Inserts a break at the current media player time. This button will not work if you are less than 10 minutes from nearest inserted break.

Card Title

Click on a break’s timestamp to alter the break time.

Time formats in the HH:MM:SS.ms format

  • Where H = hours, M = minutes, S = seconds, ms = milliseconds
  • Example: 50.2, 2:20:58, 2:25.32
  • Note: Inserted breaks must be at least 10 minutes apart.

Trash Can

Deletes the cut including the inserted clips.

Play Button

Plays audio 3 seconds in front of break so you can hear how it sounds in your episode.

Insert Clip/Ad

Insert more audio clips into your break. These audio clips will play in the order they are inserted and resume episode audio after they have completed. You can insert up to three (3) audio clips into a single break.


Breaks have changed, server may take a couple minutes to reprocess them. Your podcast will use a cached version until it is complete.

When you change where cuts are placed in your episodes our servers need to do a little work to make sure they’re ready to accept audio clips. This process takes a small amount of time and does not prevent listeners from downloading your episode.

Error: Breaks need to be separated by at least 10 minutes.

Audio cuts are required to be at least 10 minutes apart. This is for the benefit of the listener so they are not inundated with ads or small audio clips.

Error: Breaks can have at most three (3) inserted clips/ads.

We currently only support a limited number of ads/clips inserted into a single break. This is for the benefit of the listener so they are not inundated with ads or small audio clips.

There must be at least one ad not at the end or one may be inserted automatically.

You are required to have at least one ad inserted into each episode. This ad must not be at the end of the episode. Podcast Keeper works through advertising so we are requiring that an ad goes out with every download.

You have a break without audio. Are you sure you want to proceed?

Let’s you know you’ve created a break without putting audio clips or ads into it. It’s recommended that you remove the break so you are able to insert other breaks in your episode.


Publish Tab Screenshot


You can prevent the episode from being downloaded by unchecking this box.

Release Date

If you don’t want your episodes to be published until after a certain time you can set the release date here. The episode will not be available until this date.

Expiration Date

An episode that has an expiration date will stop being available after this time has passed. When the expiration date is unchecked, the episode will be downloadable forever.