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This is the name of your podcast and the first thing a potential listener is likely to see.

Example: Food Trucks Around the Nation


  • Can contain classifications (ie. 'mp3' or 'hq').
  • It shouldn’t contain special characters at the beginning or end.


The person or people making the podcast.

Example: Joe and the Gang, Your University Sports Broadcasting, joe@podcastkeeper.com


The email address you want associated with your podcast.

Example: joe@podcastkeeper.com


Podcasts are listened to by people from around the world in many different languages. Select the primary language of your podcast, only one code is accepted.

W3.org - ISO 639 has a list of supported language codes that you can put in here.

Example: en-us, en-uk, es, fr


This is a short description of your series. Limit 255 characters.

This can be a shortend version of your description.

Example: Joe travels around the states sampling local fare and records the unique stories of those who make it.


This is where you describe what your series is about. Introduce yourself to your listeners and catch their interest. Limit 4000 characters, no HTML.

Example: Food trucks are sweeping the nation. Every week Joe travels to a new region and samples favorite dishes from local food trucks. He interviews the chefs, discussing the inspiration behind their craft, their unique backstory, and what they hope to bring to their community through food.


Input the copyright information for your podcast.

Example: Joe's Podcast © 2017


Select an image for your podcast that is eye catching and sharp. Keep in mind that it may be scaled down to fit on mobile devices.

Input your image by either uploading one from your computer or typing in the URL of an existing image.


Most podcast services like iTunes will not feature your podcast if you don't follow these rules.

  • 3000 x 3000 image
  • RGB colorspace
  • 72dpi
  • PNG or JPEG


Link to your website, blog, etc...

Example: https://JoesFoodTruckAdventures.com


Select up to three (3) categories that relate to your podcast. You can find a full list here.

Custom categories are unlikely to be recognized by other services so you should use them at your own discretion. If you find that another service uses a category that we are missing, please contact us at support@podcastkeeper.com.

Examples: Arts:Food, Society & Culture:Places & Travel


Help your listeners find your podcast. These are short keywords that they can search for.

Example: Food Trucks, Culinary Tourism

Custom Domain

A custom domain is when you point at hosted.JoesFoodTruckAdventures.com/podcast.xml instead of podcastkeeper.com/podcast.xml. If you need this service there is more information on how to do it here.


Check if your podcast contains adult content not suitable for children.

Example: ☑