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If you haven't already made one, go to to create an account.


  • Use a valid email address as your username.
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Create a Podcast

When you first log into you will start on the podcasts page. This is where you will manage all of your podcasts.

Click on the Create Podcast button to continue.

Fill out your podcast information. If you don’t know what any of the fields mean click here to find out more detailed info.

Create an Episode

You can manage the episodes for the podcast you just created on the episodes page. Click on the Create Episode button to get started. Creating an episode consists of four parts. These are discussed in detail on the episode page.


Uploading the episode. Here you can click to bring up a file browser for an audio file or just drag and drop the file.


The information tab has all the information that will show up to your listeners. These are commonly referred to as show notes. You can find out more info on what this information is here


Build page allows you choose where audio clips will be inserted into your episodes and what they are. This page is the heart of Podcast Keeper and is discussed in detail here


The publish page allows you to set the time your podcast will be released, if and when an episode will expire, or you can just disable the episode altogether.


When the episode finishes uploading and being prepared on the server you can do one of two things to share it.

Share on iTunes

You can upload your RSS link to a service like iTunes and then when you upload your next episode it will automatically become available. There is more information on how to do this on the sharing a podcast page.

Share the Episode

Play button screenshot

You can copy the link to just this episode by hitting the "play" button on the episodes page or from the build tab.