Quick Tour
Podcast Keeper

Podcast Keeper has many exciting features to help you host your podcasts and get your message out to the world. On the left side of the screen you’ll find the navigation bar to help you get around.


From this page you’ll control all of your different series. This page makes everything easy to find by displaying the image and description of the podcast. For those of you who are transferring from another service, you can migrate all your podcasts so they will all be in one place.


The episodes button takes you to a list of all of the episodes associated with a podcast. From here you can manage all of the individual episodes in a series.


The clips page lets you manage short audio clips that can be inserted dynamically into episodes. These audio clips can be any short clip you want to insert. A title sequence to all your podcasts could be managed from here if you want consistency between all your episodes. It’s also possible to have an advertisement to your own book or a convention you will be attending so your listeners can stop by. It’s easy to insert these into all of your old episodes instantly.


The analytics page has instructions on how to setup Google Analytics so you can track your users as they listen to episodes. You can find out more info on Google Analytics and how to use it for your podcasts here on the wiki.